How about experiencing traditional Finnish smoked sauna on a lake side in wilderness. Finnish smoke sauna is a completely different atmosphere, and makes it a truly unique experience.
120 EURO
120 EURO



After 45 minutes drive from Helsinki our guest will arrive to countryside where they will have traditional Finnish Smoke sauna. Its speciality comes from the way of heating steaming .The moist heat and steam rise from the stove, mingling with the scents of smoke and tar and birch leaves from the traditional sauna whisks. Made from soaked birch twigs, the sauna whisks are used to gently whip yourself or one another, stimulating circulation and filling the air with its aroma.

Your local guide will introduce you culture of sauna in Finland and its place in Finnish culture. The lake right in front of our sauna allows you to enjoy way of cottage sauna culture of locals as you can jump in cool spring water to refresh. In winter season you can experience ice-dipping into totally frozen lake.

Duration: 4 hours

Tour starting time can be customised by guest. 

Price included:

Private guide and private transportation

Hotel pick up and drop back

Saunavasta – a bunch of birch twigs to treat one´s body and spirit

towels, soap and shampoo





Small Group Sauna Experience

Small Group Sauna Experience

To celebrate the middle of the week! we light our Sauna on Wednesdays! Although all of our saunas a
125 Euro